Yuriy Dyrenko

iOS and Backend Software Developer



Spotsesh is a social networking app targeted at skateboarders and BMX riders. Spotsesh lets users share spot locations with photos where they can skate or ride.

iOS Frameworks: AFNetworking, CocoaPods, Kiwi, Frank, Grand Central Dispatch, MapKit, CoreLocation, AssetsLibrary, FacebookSDK, SDWebImage, UIKet

Backend: Ubuntu, Nginx, PHP, MySQL, Rackspace CloudFiles

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Backflow School

Contracted by O'Shea's Computer Consultants to build a website for WITC Inc to allow students to register and pay for courses online. I designed the website in Photoshop, developed the frontend and backend, and built an admin panel to allow WITC staff to view and edit courses, view enrolled students, view payments and more.

Frontend: HTML, CSS, jQuery

Backend: PHP, MySQL, Authorize.Net

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Real Family Real Food

I converted the client provided Photoshop assets into HTML and CSS. I developed the backend in PHP to support user registration, recurring payments, weekly emails generated from the recipes of the week. I also built an admin panel for the client to easily add and edit recipes, theme weeks, and shopping lists, preview emails and upcoming theme weeks, view users and payment status, and more.

Frontend: HTML, CSS, jQuery

Backend: PHP, MySQL, Authorize.Net

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Harinder Takhar, MPP

I was a summer intern at the Mississauga-Erindale office for 5 summers since 2007. I designed and built multiple iterations of Harinder Takhar's constituency website and helped out around the office.

Frontend: HTML, CSS, jQuery

Backend: PHP, MySQL

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I'm about to graduate from Computer Science (BSc) at the University of Manitoba. I have a passion for building awesome iOS apps and learning new languages to help solve challenging and interesting problems.

Outside of computers, I love riding BMX, travel, photography, and spending time with friends and family.

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I'm looking for career opportunities developing awesome iOS and web apps. If you're interested, feel free to view my resume and get in touch.